Monday, March 24, 2008

StarCraft 2 Developer Interviews!

In the wake of the Zerg announcement this past Monday, the press has been hard at work tracking down anyone they can to ask them about how StarCraft 2’s development is progressing. The result has been a whole host of new interviews provided by a multitude of different sources. We here at have taken the liberty of compiling them for your viewing pleasure.

The first of these was released by, who interviewed Lead Designer Dustin Browder about his work on the StarCraft 2 project. Topics of interest include the Queen’s role in the Zerg army, destructible terrain, and the inclusion of Xel’Naga Observation Posts in multiplayer action. These Observation Posts will be capturable structures that function as a scouting structure, each revealing a large portion of the map. also scored an interview with Browder. While the Queen does make it into discussion here, GameTap decides to spend most of their time talking with Browder about how the development team decides what units from the original ultimately make it into the sequel, and about the process by which new units are added. interviewed Lead Producer Chris Sigaty about the progression of StarCraft 2. Topic of discussion included the Zerg Queen and the game's progress towards Beta.

GosuGamers compiled a brief Q&A session with StarCraft 2 Art Director Sam “Samwise” Didier, asking him questions both about his own artistic style, and how art direction for StarCraft 2is moving along. This interview also brings word that winged Zerglings have officially been removed.

And finally, while not actually a developer’s interview, I think that it is important to include a collection of quotes from professional gamers compiled by StarCraft: Legacy following their hands on with the Zerg.

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