Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Char, viewed from an infested orbital platform.


Char is a planet in the StarCraft universe. It orbits a binary star system consisting of a yellow star and a blue star and is very tectonically active.

Char is one of the richest resource nodes in the sector, as the tectonic activity continually uncovers deposits of minerals and geysers of Vespene. The temperatures on the planet Char can become so intense that large portions of the planet's surface become completely liquefied. During certain times, when the planet is furthest from the twin suns of the system, small islands form on top of these seas of magma. These bits of land are, not surprisingly, replete with minerals and greatly prized as sources of incredible wealth.

When mineral deposits are melted, they can be seen protruding from the obsidian landscape, serving as both landmarks and rich mining fields. While harsh and hot, life does exist on this world, including plant life and the ragnasaur.

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