Friday, May 25, 2007

Warning: A Starcraft 2 scam on World of Warcraft


A poster named Goolz on the European World of Warcraft forums gave out some news on a scam that attempts to take advantage of people's anticipation of Starcraft 2. He posted an e-mail that asks for the contact information, CD-key, and even the player's actual name and address.

If you receive an e-mail asking for any of that information, don't respond to it. Blizzard would never ask for that information from you via e-mail. The e-mail came from a Hotmail account, Blizzard poster Vaneras spoke about this saying, "Yup, that is a bogus email for sure... I hope nobody falls for it. Just to make sure that everybody knows; We do not use hotmail addresses to send out emails to people."

Personally I believe that poster Pokerfaze said it best in his post about this scam: "A 12-14 year old could and will probably fall for this, all i can say is id like 20 min in a room with the person who made that scam preff alone and without cams."

You should check out the full details on the e-mail via our read link. Be sure to check back for more news on World of Warcraft.

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