Thursday, May 24, 2007

Online Petition - Linux Installers for Blizzard Products

Feel free to sign the petition yourself. As a Linux user, I'd be very happy to see SC2 natively running on my Linux box, just like on Windows or Mac... And, as I can see, I'm not the only one :)))

The open source community voice:

To: Blizzard Inc.

We the undersigned would like to see native Linux installers for the products of Blizzard Inc. It is only fair that Blizzard's products designed for both Windows and Mac should be made compatible with Linux as well, especially due to the popularity of Blizzard's released products (StarCraft, WarCraft, WoW, etc.) and their upcoming releases (StarCraft 2).
The computer world is about choices now. Not everyone wants to be stuck with a Windows or a Mac. Some people use Linux, BSD, and other OS types.
It is also suggested that perhaps the installers be released with open-source code, to adjust the installers to other various systems (BSD, Solaris, other distributions of Linux)
The installer should be in a .run file, and require the user to have already bought the product (hence a CD detection)
Blizzard's games are hailed as some of the most influential games around, and it is about time that companies start adopting the business practices of id Software.

The Undersigned

The game will be developed for Mac and PC, but unfortunately there is no PC version announced for Linux so far. Therefor an online petition has been started to convince Blizzard to release a native Linux installer and maybe even make it open source, so it can be ported to other platforms. recommends to sign this petition and hopes for a positive feedback from Blizzard.

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Anonymous said...

Any update on this? Has Blizzard responded at all?