Thursday, May 24, 2007

So, Diablo 3 wasn't announced, now what do you do?


Yeah, I know, you've beat Hell Cows and Diablo with every character, level 99, got your Top Level items, 20 mules, your hardcore characters have finally been completed. Now .... what do you do? You were sitting on the edge of your seat, hoping for Blizzard to announce Diablo 3 to the world, but you got Starcraft 2 instead. Fair enough you may say, maybe not. But now, in your Diablo 3-less world, what do you do?

Well, your cries, your pleas have not fallen upon deaf ears. There's a team of guys who left Blizzard after Diablo 2 and joined another studio, Flagship Studios. You're not getting Diablo 3, but I'm pretty sure this will be the next best thing for you hardcore Action-RPG fans. Hellgate London will be released this summer. One part single-player, one part MMO, you'll be taking you and your party of post-apocalyptic adventurers to rid the streets of London of demons, hellspawn, and etc*. Really, did we ever play D2 for it's story? Nah, we just wanted to horde tons of randomly dropped items on 20 mule characters and level up 9 guys to lvl 20.

It's going to be 6 different character classes from 3 different factions. Templars: Holy knights, swords shields, etc*
Cabalists: Spiritual conjurers and summoners
Hunters: Military survivors, mercinaries, and specialists. The special part of these guys is they play like an FPS. First person, aiming with your mouse and keyboard. Your guns will still do "1-4 damage" or whatever, but it'll register per shot landed. It should be a cool change of pace.

I don't know what else to tell you. It's 3D, good graphics, at least a decent storyline to go through, I think. The item drops will keep you coming back for repeat visits nightly ... and all day ... and all night again. Here's a link to the trailer, it's a good one.

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