Friday, May 25, 2007

GameStop gives StarCraft 2 a tentative release date

game stop


When the development of StarCraft 2 was announced last week, we thought the long wait was finally over. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the video game's release on the shelves. GameStop seems to have an idea when we'll be seeing the sequel to the popular sci-fi strategy title.

GameStop has it listed under a pre-release shipping date of 10/1/08 at a retail price of US$ 49.99. That's right, October 1, 2008. That's about 18 months more of waiting. But for the fans, it will all be worth it. After all, we've been waiting for almost ten years for the sequel. Though it may be too early to give an ETA for Blizzard's StarCraft 2, this might be a good measuring stick for some. Better wait a while longer than get an unfinished game, right?

Anyway, we'll keep you posted on more StarCraft 2 news and updates when they become available.


halsanf said...

good effort! nice blog!

Mr. X said...

thanks man =)

Anonymous said...

haha thats SUPER LONG

Anonymous said...

Maybe Gamestop is so familiar with Blizzard missing ship dates they picked an arbitrary date REALLY far in the future in the hopes that Blizzard will actually come in ahead of schedule for once :)