Thursday, May 31, 2007

No to a DotA-like mod/map for StarCraft II

Here's another petition... This time not for Linux installers, but for banning DotA in SC2 =)

I can't see why would someone mind StarCraft 2 DotA, but here's the quote anyway:



Mods/maps are good, they help introduce more new blood to the gamer gene pool. There is Counter-Strike a mod for Half-Life; Counter-Strike: Source a mod for Half-Life 2; there is Defense of the Ancients or DotA as commonly known, a mod-map for WarCraft III RoC/TFT.

These mods served its purpose, there are countless new gamers today, and still even added everyday. But it has reached the point where it must sleep for now. As too much of it only kills a game it was based on, and the genre it belongs to.

Look at how Counter-Strike killed "real" FPS and the game Half-Life. The same thing was repeated again with DotA, killing WarCraft III and the "real" RTS world.

These mods are good, yes, no question about that, but these "type" of mods have a purpose and they did their job well. Let us put it to sleep until we need it again when the time comes.

We, the undersigned, call on Blizzard, Inc. and the mod/map makers to not provide tools and/or maps that will enable the creation of another CS/DotA-type modification and/or maps.

We are not against any of those type of modifications/maps but rather, we all want to keep the spirit, the essence, and the very aspect that makes StarCraft "the god of the RTS" genre intact.

We ask that we keep StarCraft II a true RTS game where RTS and non-RTS players can learn to be a better "real" RTS gamer, and have fun together, using our brains and creating "Real-Time Strategies".

We believe that an RTS should be fun, educational, and healthy. Giving the gamers a chance to develop new skills and to enhance their existing skills. Which a "Real-Time Strategy" game like StarCraft II can provide, and a CS/DotA-type mod lessens.

Thank you very much and we want to reiterate that we are not against the creators of CS and DotA, or even to the mods itself. Let's just put some limits to these type of mods, and choose which games to implement it.

Definitely it is not StarCraft II.


Anonymous said...

The solution is simple: if you do not like mods like Dota or CS, don't play them! As for the rest of us who do, we will continue to create and play mods in order to open new experiences for people to experience the game.

Anonymous said...

Why not have DOTA for S2? It's like telling people you cannot be creative with these games, and you can only play them the way they were meant to be played.
The author probably didn't have Lego's when he has a kid.

daifuku said...

um... no. lol
the only reason games like half-life and wc3 are even remembered is because there ARE mods. no one plays half-life anymore. and what do you mean, "true fps"? counter-strike is one of the greatest fps' there have ever been. DotA is one of the only reasons wc3 is still being played.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. DOTA is way more fun than regular WC3 anyway. SC2 may be bad enough without heroes, but if no mods and no DOTA is how it goes, that would just be retarded. You don't have to play the mods!

Anonymous said...

i disagree that dota is more fun than the regular W3.

they are both based on excellent game concepts.

also, they are different games. DotA is not warcraft 3. Its a custom scripted map. I still play both games, cause unlike the regular 10-year old kid, micro-ing multiple units and playing strategy games does not pose a problem for me.

I am against this petition. And the unimaginative conservative that proposed it should be ashamed of himself. Besides, blizzard is well aware of DotA, it was IceFrog (one of their programmers) that designed the new game concept.

If DotA weren't invented, this new genre would have never become popular. May i remind you all that the new game "Demigod" (unrelated to blizzard games, from Stardock entertainment) is based on DotA? There are more to follow, im sure.