Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tychus Findlay Limited Edition Starcraft 2 Statue

Tychus Findlay
[source: irserious.com]

Action figures were sooo yesterday. For Starcraft 2, Blizzard, with the help of Sideshow Collectibles, is offering an 18-inch statue of the terran marine - Tychus Findlay. This isn’t some cheap plastic model though. The final statue is expected to weigh in at a whopping 17 lbs! and will sale for $249.99. It isn’t available yet, but on Blizzard’s website, it lists the ship date as October 2007.

To commemorate the announcement of the highly anticipated StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment is proud to present the Tychus Findlay Limited Edition Statue. This collector’s item is a product of a collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment’s famous cinematics team and the incredible sculpting of Sideshow Collectibles. Players can now own a piece of StarCraft history with this highly detailed, 18-inch tall statue of Terran Marine Tychus J. Findlay standing atop a freshly dispatched Hydralisk. Cast in high-quality polystone and hand painted to exacting standards, the power of the Terran Marine Corps stands triumphantly in this beautiful museum-quality piece.

Start saving your pennies now boys and girls.

statue - screenshot 1 statue - screenshot 2
statue - screenshot 3 statue - screenshot 4
statue - screenshot 5 statue - screenshot 6


Alonso said...

I want a tychus like that!

Anonymous said...

That owns! http://www.starcraftvanilla.com