Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dota abilities already in SC2

Some guys from DotA Allstars community simply can't explain themselves that their favorite Wacraft III map is not the center of the world...


If you downloaded the gameplay video of Starcraft 2, you may have noticed.

At 14:45 the Protoss Mothership activates an ability called Time Bomb, which is very similar to Darkterror's Cronosphere, except that it stops projectiles too. It's also a big blue ball, with better graphics, of course.

At 16:45, this same Protoss unit creates a Black Hole, sucking air units inside it. Enigma FTW?

That means at least two things.
  1. Blizzard never supported DotA (other than mentioning it as one between thousands of custom maps on their mods site), BUT they kept an eye close and now are using its ideas on their new project.

  2. We gonna have a lot of pre-made DotA abilities on SC2, making it easier to migrate, if at some point the crew decides to.

Now, don't be surprised if you see a new robot called Pud-G hooking... I mean... pulling units with a laser beam and dismembering them with his mechanic arms.

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