Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pre-Release Ships 10/1/08?

I've just bumped on a sc2armory forum thread where a guy accidentally came across Starcraft II already selling at the store!
That wouldn't be so strange if they haven't set the release date (Pre-Release Ships 10/1/08)...

Of course, the quote above the item description says it's not the official information. But where did they dug the date from?

Official pricing and release dates have not been announced by Blizzard. Price and release date listed are estimates only and subject to change. Worry Free Guarantee - if the price decreases between the time you place your preorder and the release date, you’ll receive the lower of the two.

[source: sc2armory forum thread]

Kind of interesting, I was checking out Ebgames store and came across Starcraft II. Im assuming you can back order, and Pre-Release Ships 10/1/08. So a good year from now, generally speaking, Starcraft II will be shipped out.

You can view the store information here:

Not sure if this is an exact date or a guesstimate.

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